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Why recruitment agencies need TriSys and what business benefits it can bring to your recruitment processes.

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How to install the free TriSys trial onto your computer and start learning or evaluating.

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Navigation Bar and Ribbon

How to use both the navigation bar and ribbon to launch and access application components.

Forms and Grids

How to use the grids to lookup, filter and sort records in order to drill down into forms.


How to use actions to conduct sophisticated workflow to generate mail-merge documents and task driven business processes.

Diary Manager

How to use the diary manager to schedule your work efficiently in tandem with actions.

Dashboard Interviews

How to use the dashboard to manage your forthcoming interviews.

Company Addresses and Contacts

How to use the company form to add multiple site addresses and assign client contacts.

Company Organogram

How to use the company form to organise the hierarchy of employee responsibility to mine clients.

Adding a Contact from LinkedIn

How to search social networks such as LinkedIn and import client and candidates.

Manually Creating a Client Profile

How to quickly add a new client contact and company and site address using post code lookup.

Linking Contact to Social Network Profile

How to associate an existing contact record with any on-line social network profile.

CV Auto Recognition from Outlook

How to use the TriSys Office Add-In to select an e-mail have the attachment parsed to create a new candidate record.

CV Auto Recognition from a file

How to point at a CV document on your computer and have it parsed to create a new candidate record.

Format Candidate CV

How to create a formatted CV for a new candidate who has been auto-recognised.

Bookmark/Hotlist a Contact

How to bookmark or hotlist a favourite candidate or client contact for quick and easy future access.

Merge Duplicates

How to merge two duplicate contact records and combine all links into one record.

Marketing and Mail Merge

How to orchestrate marketing campaigns and design professional action mail-merge templates.

Client Call and Meeting Follow-Up

How to record a call with a client and arrange a follow-up meeting.

Create New Vacancy / Requirement

How to create a new vacancy/requirement for an existing client contact.

Requirement Candidate Searching

How to utilise saved searches to utilise sophisticated boolean searches to find suitable candidates for a vacancy.

Publish Vacancy to Web and Social Media

How to publish a client vacancy through to the social network ecosystem.

Shortlisting Candidates

How to search, sort and filter suitable candidate and shortlist for a client vacancy.

Shortlist From Job Boards

How to retrieve applicants from your advertised job board vacancies and import them as shortlisted candidates for a requirement/vacancy shortlist.

Shortlist Candidate Calls

How to record a telephone conversation with a shortlisted candidates about a requirement.

Shortlist Interested

How to record a telephone conversation with a shortlisted candidates about a requirement.

Shortlist Send CV

How to send a candidates formatted CV with a coversheet to a client contact via an e-mail template for a vacancy.

Shortlist Interview

How to schedule an interview between a candidate and a client contact via an e-mail template for a vacancy.

Shortlist Rejection

How to formally reject a candidate for a vacancy by notifying both client contact and candidate via e-mail.

Shortlisted Candidate Job Offer

How to offer a job to a shortlisted candidate for a vacancy by an action driven e-mail notification.

Candidate Placement Action

How to generate a placement against a shortlisted candidate and schedule tasks to generate paperwork.

Placement Contract Documentation

How to generate formal client and candidate contracts with specified charge and pay standard and overtime rates.

Management Reporting

How to choose and run management reports by providing parameters for date ranges, groups and consultants.

Business Intelligence

How to analyse all recruiting data to identify trends and forecasts for a wide range of business activity.

TriSys Remote Desktop Browser Access

How to start your remote desktop from your web browser to get access to TriSys from any device (PC/MAC/Mobile)

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