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TriSys Recruitment Software

For over 25 years, TriSys has been at the forefront of innovation, quality and flexibility in recruitment agency software.

With TriSys you can build anything and automate everything. No other recruitment platform is as powerful as TriSys.

TriSys Recruiting Software

Deploy Anywhere, Use Everywhere

TriSys can be deployed as a fully managed cloud service and also on-premise, with full directory services integration.

When it comes to deployment flexibility, TriSys offers the best value for money and the strongest technological skillset to support your recruitment business CRM.

TriSys Recruiting Software

LinkedIn Automation

Import clients and candidates directly from LinkedIn into TriSys, run recruitment workflows inside LinkedIn and much more.

TriSys Recruiting Software

CV Parsing

Effortlessly add CV's to your TriSys database, both from job boards and Outlook, add skills on the fly and much more.

TriSys Recruiting Software

Job Posting

Post vacancies to job boards and import applicants directly into shortlists.

TriSys Recruiting Software


A beautiful and highly flexible user interface designed to make you more productive and successful.

Modern point and click workflows, interactive dashboards, flexible screen layouts and much more, all out of the box.

TriSys Recruiting Software

Business Automation

Why repeat tasks manually when you can automate anything with a single click and leave more time to focus on your relationships?

TriSys massively improves your productivity and renders repetitive tasks a thing of the past, allowing you to focus on the success of your business.

TriSys Recruiting Software

Full Boolean Search Engine

Generate Boolean CV searches such as CV free text searches, skill searches, radical postcode searches from our easy to use system and store those searches for future use, saving you time and speeding up business processes.

TriSys Recruiting Software

TriSys Mobile

Login to your database anywhere and on any device, ensuring your database delivers maximum value, helping you succeed even further in your business relationships.

TriSys Recruiting Software

Office365 / GMail Integration

TriSys automatically attaches emails to contact records and also keeps your calendar updated across all devices.

TriSys Recruiting Software

Automated Calling

Dial numbers with a single click, massively optimising your calling activity.

TriSys integrates with all VoIP providers and is a natural extension to your telephone system.

TriSys Recruiting Software

Web Portals

Deliver even more and better service to your clients and candidates, using the robust TriSys web integration API, allowing secure login on web and mobile devices.

TriSys Recruiting Software

Developer Tools

TriSys is designed from the ground up to be adjusted to your business, a truly unique value proposition and the reason why so many businesses use TriSys.

Design your screen layouts and implement any workflows - TriSys is the undisputed leader in flexible recruitment software.

TriSys Recruiting Software

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