Why Choose the TriSys SDK

With the TriSys Software Development Kit (SDK) recruitment agencies are in complete control over the look & feel as well as the functionality of their TriSys CRM installation, being able to freely program and reprogram the TriSys CRM system using the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Integrated Development Environment. The SDK is unique to TriSys and offers endless possibilities for recruitment agencies looking for a solution which reduces cost of ownership and increases return on investment.

The simple reason why no other recruitment agency software provider offers a programmable SDK is quite simple: why would anyone allow you to have complete programmatic control over your CRM solution if they can charge you for consultancy instead?

Essentially, competing systems will take control away from you. TriSys gives you back full control.

We use the SDK system to build TriSys itself and also choose make the SDK available to you, so you can be in complete control of the TriSys recruitment agency software, a fundamental asset to your business.

In the software industry, the Software Development Kit is the true reflection of a mature, robust software development methodology. With the SDK you can build any recruitment-driven software solution, today and at a fraction of what any of our competitors would charge you for the customisations you'd want, and without technical limitations either.

In business, facts win over fiction: TriSys is the only recruitment agency software specialist offering a full SDK solution and therefore giving you full control over your CRM deployment.

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