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Why TriSys Recruitment Software?

Why recruitment agencies need TriSys and what business benefits it can bring to your recruitment processes.


TriSys Apex Recruitment Software

Ideal for recruitment agencies just starting up and also for all agencies in need of a system which eliminates the inefficiencies of using Excel/Google spreadsheets, TriSys Apex is the #1 recruitment software for recruitment agencies.

TriSys Apex has repeatedly been praised as the best-looking and most user-friendly recruitment CRM solution in the industry, thanks to a dedicated team of talented web designers and user interface specialists.

Based on TriSys enterprise software technology, TriSys Apex allows smaller recruitment agencies to access the same functionalities made available to the larger agencies, such as workflow automation and centralised record-keeping, in addition to free mobile access and free website integration.

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TriSys Recruiting Software

Always Online for You

TriSys Apex is delivered to you as a cloud service (SaaS - Software as a Service) and works with your existing web browser, no software installation required and the convenience of always-on anywhere access on any device.

Using TriSys Recruitment Software in the cloud is the most cost-effective way to enable your sales teams to centrally manage Contacts, Companies, Requirements and Placements, through a centralised system which is extremely easy to learn and use, with the reassurance of free technical support, software updates and daily data backups.

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TriSys Recruiting Software

Why Choose TriSys Apex

TriSys Apex costs less than a bottle of water per day and contains so many functionalities that you simply can't resist using it, especially considering that it is free to setup and there is no minimum contract either.

TriSys Apex includes free website integration, free mobile access, free LinkedIn integration, free email/calendar integration and much more.
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TriSys Recruiting Software

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