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Even though hundreds of recruitment agencies are already using the TriSys Cloud, it is also important to clarify that any recruitment agency can also install TriSys locally on their local computer network.

There is no right or wrong, only strategic decisions.
TriSys offers both options, a fundamental benefit ensuring your data can be kept with you at all times.

This means you can start with TriSys on-premise and choose to migrate to the cloud at any time, practically free of charge. You may also choose to start in the cloud and, as your business develops, you may choose to migrate your TriSys database into your own server/network. TriSys offers you maximum flexibility, on-premise and in the cloud.

TriSys Recruiting Software

The TriSys Cloud Platform

The TriSys Cloud infrastructure is based within the UK and runs on a £200 million datacentre facility operated by 1400 highly certified IT professionals, ensuring 99.999% uptime around the clock.

TriSys is not new to the Cloud/SaaS delivery model: we've pioneered cloud-based recruitment software and know a thing or two about designing, implementing and managing secure, highly-available infrastructures. The benefits for your agency are impressive!

TriSys in the Cloud - Key Benefits

  • No need to buy/upgrade servers & software ever again
  • No IT server maintenance required - it's all done by TriSys
  • Reduced exposure to virus/malware threats
  • Eliminate the need for VPN/remote access hardware/software
  • Reduction in your utility bill costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Daily backups, fully managed by TriSys
  • Enhanced technical support
  • Access TriSys from anywhere, on any computer
  • Online control panel enables you to manage your user accounts
  • Elastic capacity - no performance bottlenecks
  • Expand and contract your usage as required, with adjustable monthly costs
  • Incredibly fast fibre-optic installation
  • Optional use of TriSys within a remote desktop
  • No monthly agreement, no hidden costs
  • Request full access to your data at any time

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