Two-Factor Authentication for TriSys Apex

Please ensure you have enabled two-factor-authentication for your TriSys Apex CRM login:

Step 1: Install Google Authenticator on your iOS/Android mobile device
Step 2: In your Apex User Options, switch on "Enable Two Factor Authentication"
Step 3: Using the "Google Authenticator" mobile app, scan the barcode
Step 4: A unique 6-digit pin is displayed in the Google Authenticator Mobile App
Step 5: In TriSys Apex, click "Authenticate"
Step 6: Type the 6-digit pin code
Step 7: You will be prompted for a randomly-generated secure 6-digit code every time you login.

You have now enabled two-factor authentication for your TriSys Apex CRM login

Important: Should you ever uninstall the Google Authenticator mobile app, lose your mobile phone or not have your mobile phone with you, only your organisation's designated account maintainer can request a two-factor authentication reset/reconfiguration, therefore you will be unable to login until your organisation's TriSys account maintainer submits a two-factor authentication reset/reconfiguration request using the TriSys online customer portal.

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