TriSys Apex - First Steps

Once you login to your TriSys CRM database, these are the initial steps which you are advised to complete. Not completing these steps could cause issues at a later point, which would impact your productivity.

Step 1: Run the welcome wizard (Help > Welcome Wizard) ensuring you complete all the details
Step 2: Send yourself a test e-mail (Administration Console > User Options > E-Mail > Send Test E-Mail)
Step 3: Open your own contact record and (using the "Employment" tab update your contact information)
Step 4: Watch the end user training video courses (Help >Training Courses)
Step 5: Watch the system administration training video courses (Help >Training Courses)
Step 6: Install the (optional) TriSys Microsoft Outlook Add-In from the Office365 App Store (instructions)
Step 7: Install the (optional) TriSys Browser Extension from the Chrome Web Store (instructions)
Step 8: Install the TriSys Mobile app (available on Google Play and Apple iOS stores)

Should you require training, we are happy to provide this as a service. Please click here to learn more

Technical Support Procedure
Please use our online customer support area to raise issues and track the progress on any issues.
When you raise a support issue, you will receive an automatic email confirming the issue number. You will also receive issue updates via e-mail.
When reporting issues, please be as descriptive as possible, including images, step by step instructions to reproducing an issue and other information which you believe may help with troubleshooting the experienced issue.

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