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TriSys CRM is an ultra-modern, always-on Enterprise CRM platform specifically designed for your recruitment process, enabling you to streamline your business processes across Permanent, Contract and Temporary recruitment.

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Free unlimited CV parsing. Job posting and SMS text messaging trial also included.

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Bespoke Online Portals

Offer your Clients, Candidates, Suppliers and Partners the true power of innovative web technology, whilst seamlessly automating key business processes, eliminating overheads and strengthening competitive advantages.

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Design Your Mobile App

The TriSys Enterprise Platform includes your own branded company mobile app, used by all your clients and candidates, supporting unlimited business process automation and 24x7 self-service.

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Easy to Use. Ready to Use.

TriSys Recruitment Software needs little to no explanation. In fact, everything is so intuitive and straightforward that you will feel right at home from day one.

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What Our Customers Say

Many CRM/ATS solutions suffer from prescribing a specific workflow. They believe it is much easier to tell you how to run your business than to open the door to your rampant imagination. TriSys is different. Our development framework gives complete freedom to integrate your own custom developments and where as other CRM/ATS developers claim to be customisable they really overstate what that means in practice. If Recruitment solutions were toys they would all look like Mr Potato Head. TriSys on the other hand is that pre-assembled Technical Lego set you always wanted.

TriSys supports our recruitment process by generating and recording key client and candidate information. It's great for communicating with our customers and links well with Outlook and LinkedIn, for example. The mobile app is also excellent.

Ease of use, adaptability, their willingness to help and support me through installation and adapt the system to help me get the best out of it. Logical, uncomplicated to use (yet surprisingly deep and intricate), I feel I've only scratched the surface with it.

I particularly like the difference in style between the desktop and web portal versions. Although they are linked and perform the same functions, the desktop style will be familiar to many recruiters with a more traditional layout, whereas the web portal is a much easier access point for newcomers. Trisys appears to strike just the right balance.

After looking at a few different companies I chose TriSys. I am glad I did! No unnecessary set up fees like many others, this really helped me as a start-up. My account manager was a great help. I am pretty useless with computers so he took the time to help me get familiar with the software. On top of this he helped me bulk upload thousands of CVs from my old database which was very helpful.

I've been using Trisys for over 12 years since I started Go IT Recruitment, and I have seen it change over the years. Great product and features. I have no hesitation to recommend this software to any Recruitment company whether you are established or starting out

Having swapped from an old software platform ''Red Rabbit'' and testing other platforms, it was clearly evident within the early stages that Trisys is a step above the best and you can see the software has been developed with the customer user in mind at all times, making every feature on there easy to use with very little effort to navigate.

We were looking for a CRM/ATS to help with our temp and perm recruitment, so found Trisys as a great choice for our startup. Easy to use and simple layout that keeps on evolving. Looking forward to grow with this software. Overall *5 star!!!

I am the senior account manager at Aspire Cambridge - we have just received some excellent service from them and felt the need to review their superb product. TriSys is the software that we chose as a business to work with 8 years ago when Aspire opened. Since we have used them we have retained a strong relationship with them - their support in our recent office move and relocation has been fab. I feel that Trisys should be the software of choice of agencies whether you are large or small.

I am the administrator of the branch using this software - i find it simple to use, easy to get my workload done and very fluid. I have a range of templates set up that means that what could take a long time to complete a task is cut down. I love the team at trisys and felt that we should recommend them given their excellent software.

TriSys is our CRM/ATS of choice. A very easy to use system that once set up and established, holds unlimited amounts of data. The system is easy to use for recruiters and is designed with every small detail considered.

This is a genuinely excellent CRM/ATS system. We have been using another system and since we have switched over I have been amazed at the ease of use. The data I need to run my business is at the touch of a button and I am really impressed.

As the IT Director for a well-known recruitment organisation using TriSys for over 12 years, I can only say that this system is in many respects better than numerous ERP / CRM/ATS Platforms on the market and costs only a fraction of those systems, plus we can customise every aspect of the CRM/ATS using Microsoft Visual Studio.

Having been through dozens of recruitment software products and finding that what is often presented in the demonstrations isn't what is actually delivered to you after you sign up, we were pleasantly surprised when TriSys delivered every single feature (and more) out of the box.

True Software Specialists

TriSys are the leading technology specialists dedicated exclusively to the recruitment industry.

TriSys maximises your productivity, eliminates overheads, monitors your performance and automates simple and complex workflows. This leads to more placements and additional revenue for your business, with a guaranteed return on investment.

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