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With TriSys Recruitment Software, your key business processes can be entirely automated, allowing you to optimise staff performance, maximise the value of your clients and candidates and monitor the performance of your business in real time.

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TriSys CRM is the perfect solution for recruitment teams of all sizes.
For organisations specifically looking to install the TriSys CRM database locally on their server/datacentre, we are offering the first 25 user licenses.

This is a time-limited special offer in tandem with our 25th anniversary celebration. Click the image below to learn more. Start using TriSys Today

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Customer Testimonial

Trisys is our CRM/ATS of choice. A very easy to use system that once set up and established holds never ending data. The system is easy to use for agencies who might be looking for a system whereby administrators are a luxury that you can't yet afford. It is designed with every small detail considered.

Customer Testimonial

This is a genuinely excellent CRM/ATS system. We have been using another system and since we have switched over I have been amazed at the ease of use. The data I need to run my business is at the touch of a button and I am really impressed.

Customer Testimonial

Having been through dozens of recruitment software products and finding that what is often presented in the demonstrations isn't what is actually delivered to you after you sign up, we were pleasantly surprised when TriSys delivered every single feature (and more) out of the box.