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Cross-Platform Cloud Recruitment Software

Apex is a recruitment CRM application designed for modern recruitment agencies which works inside any web browser and on any device i.e. tablet, phone, laptop, desktop or TV.

Apex can be used by recruitment agencies of all sizes to provide convenient access to both on-premise or on-demand recruitment database at any time, and from any place.

Apex is a completely pay-as-you-go recruitment system allowing anyone to sign-up and subscribe in minutes.

Recruitment Software for Microsoft Windows

The TriSys recruitment desktop application can be installed on Windows computers to provide tight integration with both on-premise and on-demand SQL Servers, e-mail servers, file servers and active directory deployments. Runs onsite and also as a cloud service/thin client.

It integrates tightly with locally installed Microsoft Office applications and comprises sophisticated recruiting functionality such as CV auto-recognition, booking sheet, and actions workflow.

Recruitment Portals and Website integration

Timesheet portal, client and candidate online web portals with mobile and browser login, self-service recruitment and much more, all included with your TriSys database.

Maximise your returns, using TriSys Cloud Recruitment Software. Also available for onsite installations.

Full CRM integration with Microsoft Office

The TriSys add-in for Microsoft Office can be installed on Windows to provide tight integration between your Outlook e-mail and your recruitment database.

You can generate clients and candidates by selecting e-mail messages as well as linking e-mails to existing contacts as note/history records.

Fully Managed Cloud Desktop

The TriSys remote desktop shortcut can be installed on Windows to provide an easy method of connecting to your TriSys recruiter remote desktop.

Once installed on your computer, the program will remember your login settings so that you can quickly reconnect each morning.

Managed desktop (Browser login)

The TriSys remote desktop can be accessed directly from your web browser to connect to your TriSys recruiter remote desktop.

This mechanism allows you to connect to your desktop from any location without installing any software.

Fully compatible with all operating systems including Apple Mac.

Recruitment CRM App in the Windows Store

This TriSys Recruitment CRM application can be installed into your Windows desktop or Windows phone using the windows store.

Windows 10 users can quickly locate TriSys in the store and install it as a task bar and desktop shortcut.

Native Mobile App for Mobile Devices

Install TriSys Recruitment CRM on your Android or iOS phone/tablet and experience TriSys recruitment software at it's best.

Work anywhere, anytime - manage full recruitment workflows, collaborate with your team and much more.

The TriSys Mobile Recruitment App provides convenient and fast access to your clients and candidates for the purpose of meeting, texting, calling and e-mailing and much more. The Mobile App is very easy to use and connects to your live TriSys database residing both on-premise and on-demand/cloud.

Simply search for 'TriSys' on your mobile App store (App Store or Google Play).

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