What is TriSys Recruitment Software

A complete recruitment software platform engineered for your business

TriSys Apex

Industry leading recruitment technology

TriSys CRM is the name of excellence in recruitment CRM, offering a highly stable and flexible workflow automation platform with unlimited scalability and unrivalled flexibility.

Developed in the United Kingdom since 1992, TriSys CRM is used globally across hundreds of recruitment organisations and is considered by many to be the most advanced system on the market, due to its unique flexibility to integrate and automate all your business processes.

Cloud and Onsite

TriSys Recruitment Software can be installed onsite, in the cloud or a combination of both, enabling you to experience the ultimate level of convenience and flexibility.
TriSys runs on Microsoft SQL Server, integrates with your Active Directory environment, aligns with your existing IT investment and uses only the most advanced software frameworks.

Exceptional service levels

We are a business software house specialising in recruitment software. Our expertise is unrivalled, including a range of professional services designed to help you succeed with TriSys.


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